My laptop died and other updates

May 5th, 2023

My laptop FUCKING DIED. I am fortunate enough to be in a position where I could get a new one quickly, and I love my new laptop so much. It has a great keyboard, and I love just wiping my hands back and forth on the outside lid. It also has a longer battery life than my previous one at the end of its life, but having an average battery life of under 3 hours is... not hard to beat. This laptop also has an insanely high default resolution, which is both a positive and a negative: i can see images in all their high-pixel glory, but some peoples websites can look a little broken on my laptop. In a similar manner, I currently have no idea how broken my site is going to become for people with lower resolution monitors. If the site eventually becomes broken on other screen resolutions, please let me know!

My current project for this website is a shrine all about little guys. You may be seeing bits and pieces of it on my Neocities profile if you go check it out, but I might just move all development to a coding editor so it's easier. I gained some experience in GIMP in order to edit some of the photos for this project, and making images transparent is extremely satisfying.

Since this is such an ambitious project (at least for what I've been doing), I was thinking about making some simpler shrines that are fundamentally just text on a fancy background.

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